Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to helping any organisation and sector meet their ambitions, to understand the needs and expectations of consumers and to effectively meet them. This applies to the brewing sector and to the entire beer value chain.

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Diversity and inclusion at the heart of society and of the brewing sector

Sharing a glass of beer and bonding with family, friends, colleagues, new acquaintances and strangers is the original social network, bringing together people from all possible backgrounds to celebrate life’s moments.

The brewing sector mirrors that diversity and inclusion, building over centuries on the openness and opportunities for innovation, gathering and harnessing all talents, and inviting consumers to enjoy a rich and colourful range of beer styles.

The brewing sector is proud to be part of diverse communities and societies, embracing them in all their aspects.

Recognising the need for a more diverse and inclusive brewing sector

The brewing sector recognises it can continue to grow more diverse and inclusive. Everyone must have the opportunity to be part of our sector, whatever their personal characteristics or social identities, their race and ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, abilities, socioeconomic status, religion or other background.

The brewing sector wants to become an inclusive sector where everyone – its companies, trade associations, employees and value chain partners – feels welcome and able to join the strategic ambitions of the sector with regard to diversity and inclusion.

The brewing sector acknowledges many actors have already taken actions to address the issue, some by identifying, designing and executing Inclusion & Diversity strategies …, others by joining existing schemes. Any additional step should build upon and integrate existing efforts.

Understanding the complexity of the issue

The issue of Inclusion & Diversity is multifaceted, complex and depends on the local cultural company context as well as social and political landscapes.

The needs and capacities of the brewing sector vary from one company to another.

Contributing towards a more diverse and inclusive

brewing sector and beer value chain


The Brewers of Europe, as an industry association, will take actions towards its members and the wider brewing community, to contribute to a more diverse and inclusive industry that creates space for all its employees, partners and consumers. Concrete tools and knowledge sharing will be developed, shared amongst the membership and towards the brewing community at large.


The tools will be reviewed on a regular basis, as living contributions that can be adapted to new developments, embracing opportunities to further strengthen industry efforts on the matter.


The Brewers of Europe will focus on breweries and brewing company employees, whether they are working in breweries, offices or with the companies’ customer base. To that end, we plan to engage in dialogue with partners across the value chain to extend the efforts and improve the inclusiveness along the beer production and consumption chain.

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