It is time to raise the important issue of harassment and discrimination within the beer/beverages industry. At AB InBev, we are working to build an inclusive environment where we collaborate to win together, as one team. That’s why we are committed to putting our people above profit, always. We believe it is our responsibility to take action to support our employees and the industry as a whole.

We have launched an anti-harassment and anti-discrimination campaign It Stops With Me, to tackle a shocking statistic; 9 out of 10 people have experienced (witnessed or been subjected to) harassment or discrimination within the drinks industry. Our campaign centres on our pledge, where we ask individuals to commit to speaking up and calling out harassment and discrimination when they witness it. It is time for us to take a stand to change our industry for the better. AB InBev’s journey started internally with concrete action plan to better our industry, with our employees’ welfare at the forefront of our efforts. But, it takes each of us to become all of us. As an industry-wide issue, we’re calling for an industry-wide commitment to change so we need your support too.

Already more than 150 of our customers have taken their individual pledge during our recent Customer Conferences and now we invite everyone else to join us on this journey too. For this purpose, we have created a toolkit we now share with you to encourage an industry-wide culture of stepping up and calling out harassment and discrimination.

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